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These terms and disclaimers may be changed without notice. It is each individual user’s responsibility to check and
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A Team That Truly Cares

Our attorneys take pride in helping you make the right decisions for your family and your future.

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Client Success Stories

When I look back on my experience with Curran Estate & Elder Ĺaw, Rose Kennedy, Esq. and Angela Peck, Paralegal, displayed the utmost professionalism, and concomitant with that was their compassion , concern and sensitivity to our life event... the passing of my mother. In addition to pleasant meetings each time we met, the staff demonstrated remarkable knowledge and expertise and the ability to put it all in layman's terms. Overall a wonderfully pleasant experience! My recommendation for them is high! Such nice people!
Lynn Simmeth
Lynn Simmeth
The staff at Curran did a great job taking care of my fathers needs. The staff were all very friendly and accommodating to his mobility issues and in general were quite good to work with. I would highly recommend Curran for all of your estate planning.
Gerry Foster
Gerry Foster
Rose and company were professional and very helpful with my estate planning. I feel secure for myself and my kids!
Knowledgeable and professional service and review of the various options that exist for our estate planning needs.
Kathleen Nevel
Kathleen Nevel
Curran Law was exceptionally helpful answering questions about next steps for my aging parents. They were extremely generous with their time.And, their knowledge of elder care was extensive.
Christy Strazzella
Christy Strazzella
Curran Estate prepared an Estate planning portfolio for my husband and I. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. They took the time to answer any questions and everything was done in a timely and professional manner.
Rhonda Gartland
Rhonda Gartland
Rose is the best. I continue to recommend Rose, and Curran to everyone. I truly do!!!
Cindy Kurtz
Cindy Kurtz
we were very pleased with all they did , and would have been lost without them. We would recommend them to anyone .
Fred Heckman
Fred Heckman
This law firm helped our family with a complicated situation of one parent in a nursing facility and the other parent living at home. Thank you so much for your help and compassion..
Curran Estate & Elder Law, PLLC

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