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Powers of Attorney Lawyers in Berks County, PA

As an adult, you must get your affairs in order and make suitable plans for future uncertainties. A power of attorney (POA) is an important estate planning tool that allows you to name a person who will make crucial decisions regarding your health, property, or financial matters on your behalf when you become unable or unavailable to do so.

If you're starting to think about estate planning or need proper guidance with choosing a power of attorney, consulting with a knowledgeable Pennsylvania estate planning attorney is crucial. At Curran Estate & Elder Law, PLLC, we are committed to providing experienced legal counsel and reliable advocacy to clients in estate planning-related matters, including wills, trusts, and powers of attorney.

As your legal counsel, we can evaluate your unique situation and enlighten you about the types of POA and the importance of having a power of attorney as part of your estate plan. Also, our trusted attorneys can help you draft your power of attorney documents and ensure that you choose a reliable person as your agent.

Curran Estate & Elder Law, PLLC proudly serves clients in Berks County, PA, and throughout Berks County and the neighboring counties of Chester, Montgomery, Schuylkill, Lebanon, and Lancaster.

What is a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney (POA) is a legal document that grants specific legal authority and powers to another person you trust. Under Pennsylvania law, a power of attorney is a legal document that allows a person to appoint another person to make financial, property, or health decisions and perform specific duties on their behalf.

The person who creates a POA document is known as the principal. The person named in the POA document to act on behalf of the principal is the "attorney-in-fact" or "agent." The agent may be a spouse, child, trusted friend, or close family member. With a valid power of attorney, your attorney-in-fact will have the legal authority to carry out any action allowed in the document.

Types of Power of Attorney

There are several different powers of attorney recognized in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These include:

Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney allows the agent to act on behalf of the principal on various matters, including financial and healthcare decisions. The durable power of attorney shall become effective once the principal and the agent sign the document. Also, it doesn't terminate when the principal becomes incapacitated.

Simple Power of Attorney

A simple or non-durable power of attorney is a power of attorney that allows the attorney-in-fact to act on the principal's behalf on different matters. However, the simple power of attorney ends once the principal becomes incapacitated or disabled.

Financial Power of Attorney

A financial power of attorney is a power of attorney that allows the agent to handle financial or business matters on behalf of the principal.

Healthcare Power of Attorney

A healthcare power of attorney is a power of attorney that allows the attorney-in-fact to make medical or health care decisions on behalf of the principal when they're unable to do so.

Springing Power of Attorney

A springing power of attorney is a power of attorney that only becomes effective at a particular date or when an event occurs in the future, as indicated in the POA document.

However, unless the document specifically states otherwise, all powers of attorney are durable in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Why is a Power of Attorney Important?

Having power of attorney as part of your estate plan is vital due to the following reasons:

  • It allows you to appoint a reliable person who can help manage your financial and medical affairs.
  • It eliminates the need for the court to appoint a legal guardian or conservator for you.
  • All activities and transactions performed by the attorney-in-fact will remain private. Thus, maintaining your and your loved one's privacy.
  • It eliminates any form of delay when there is a need to perform urgent tasks or make decisions.
  • It allows you to discuss your wishes and desires with close family members.
  • It allows the attorney-in-fact to reach out to other agencies to obtain information about the principal or provide services to them.
  • It eliminates possible questions or doubts about the principal's intent.
  • It helps every party involved achieve peace of mind.

An experienced attorney can enlighten you about important considerations when choosing your agent and help you navigate crucial decisions.

Considerations When Choosing a Power of Attorney

However, it is critical that you choose a reliable and honest person who has your best interests at heart as your attorney-in-fact. Here are some essential factors to consider when a power of attorney:

  • Consider your relationship with the person
  • Consider the person's willingness to serve
  • Consider conflict of interests
  • Consider proximity or closeness to your location
  • Choose someone who is trustworthy and reliable
  • Choose a person who knows your intent and will make your best interests a priority.
  • Choose a person who will put your needs and wishes first
  • Choose a person who is able to make prompt and intelligent decisions when under strenuous circumstances.

An experienced power of attorney lawyer can work diligently with you to ensure that you choose an agent who is right for you.

Work With an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney

Making adequate plans for an uncertain future can never be too early. In the event that you become incapacitated, unavailable, or otherwise unable to make important decisions on your own, you can have the confidence and peace of mind that your life choices, health, property, and financial affairs are in dependable hands. An experienced estate planning attorney can evaluate your personal needs and help you navigate crucial decisions.

At Curran Estate & Elder Law, PLLC, our attorneys have devoted their careers to offering experienced legal services and guiding clients through the complexities of estate planning and powers of attorney. As your legal counsel, we can guide you through the process, help draft important documents, and attempt to establish an estate plan that best suits your goals.

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Powers of Attorney Lawyers Serving Reading, Pennsylvania

If you need assistance choosing a power of attorney, contact Curran Estate & Elder Law, PLLC today to schedule a simple consultation. Our trusted attorneys have the personalized legal counsel and brilliant advocacy you need and help you make intelligent decisions. We're proud to serve clients in Berks County, PA, and throughout Berks County and the neighboring counties of Chester, Montgomery, Schuylkill, Lebanon, and Lancaster.

A Team That Truly Cares

Our attorneys take pride in helping you make the right decisions for your family and your future.

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Client Success Stories

The staff is always extremely pleasant and helpful. Rose Kennedy does a fabulous job of taking the time to explain everything, more than once if need be, and willing to answer any questions.
Lisa Care
Lisa Care
September 1, 2023.
They were very kind and helpful to my brother and me. They took the time to review our situation and offered us options. Highly recommend their services!!! Thanks. 😎
Kurt Manderbach
Kurt Manderbach
September 1, 2023.
This lawfirm is excellent. They are so knowledgeable and experienced in estate planning. Sarah at the front desk is responsive, welcoming and helpful. Rose Kennedy is a top notch attorney with a strong attention to detail, very knowledgeable in her field, great at presenting information in an easy to understand manner and very compassionate. We highly recommend Curran.
Leo and Lily
Leo and Lily
August 22, 2023.
When my father passed away in March 2022, I had never lost an immediate family member, and I was unprepared for the deluge of paperwork that followed. I also was not prepared for the way that grief would make simple things extra difficult. Luckily, my dad had set up a trust with Sean Curran’s guidance in 2016. It not only protected his assets, but it allowed us to work with Rose Kennedy and Angela Young for the estate administration. I truly do not know what we would have done without the kindness and guidance of Rose and Angela. I will never forget talking with Rose from the bathroom of my dad’s hospice room. It was far past office hours, but she was calmly determined to help me understand what steps I needed to take next. She even texted me after the call with detailed instructions in case I was unable to remember because of my emotional state. My gratitude for her compassion and patience continued to grow throughout the following year as she and Angela continuously went above and beyond to help us with every challenge that arose as we sold our dad’s house, filed inheritance taxes, and encountered numerous other tasks that I never could have figured out without their step-by-step guidance. I will always have a special place in my heart for the calmness that Rose and Angela brought me throughout the overwhelming and emotional process of losing a parent. Every person I’ve encountered at Curran Estate and Elder Law has been professional, helpful, and kind. I can’t imagine going through this process without their support and wisdom. Thank you!
Cindi Delinsky
Cindi Delinsky
July 29, 2023.
Curran Estate & Elder Law handled my fathers estate for me. They were incredibly helpful and answered all of my questions. I did very little, everything was completed by them. I would strongly suggest if your looking for an Attorney to handle your parents affairs, give Curran Estate & Elder Law a call!
July 26, 2023.
I would highly recommend Curran Estate Elder Care. They guided and helped with our estate planning, protection of assets, writing of our wills, power of attorney documentation and also care management for my spouse. They offer a great support system. Great people to work with.
Lil Myers
Lil Myers
July 20, 2023.
They are very efficient at helping their clients get the best and affordable help for families that need help. I would recommend them all around, especially for the elderly that cannot help themselves. they help me get poa of my mom when no one else would help. Hospital would say that she is not capable of having a POA at the time on hospice. Well, they wrong because my mother understood and signed forms thank you so very much Joyce and Tiffani
Tiffani Grendell
Tiffani Grendell
July 18, 2023.
Quite simply the best Elder Law in Berks. Professional, ethical and kind from start to finish. We had gotten our Will's and PoA's done with Curran a couple years ago, then when my father's health took a down turn, they were the obvious choice for managing the transition of his care, and then eventually with handling the administration of his will , probate and the dozens of other details that no one tells you about. I couldn't imagine having to do all of that on my own. Big thanks to the Rose, Susan, Angela and the whole team at Curran.
Adam Wentling
Adam Wentling
July 18, 2023.
As executor of estate, Curran has guided me step-by-step through the process in a professional and efficient manner. Their approach is friendly as they have patiently answered all my questions with clear explanations which make my duties simple and easy to carry out.
David & Alison Zezenski
David & Alison Zezenski
June 16, 2023.
My mother and I met with Rose Kennedy at Curran Estate & Elder Law, PLLC. Rose and her team were wonderful! Sarah greeted us promptly and escorted us to the conference room. She was very gracious. Rose demonstrated compassion, kindness, and understanding. She explained the documents clearly and answered all our questions. I highly recommend Rose and the team who responded quickly. They acted with professionalism and compassion. They have a heart. I had contacted other estate and elder firms in Berks County, and they did not even respond. Call Curran they will respond and help you.
Diana Vavreck
Diana Vavreck
May 25, 2023.
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